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Kloeckner Metals UK is now BES 6001 Certified

Posted on 17 January 2020

Kloeckner Metals UK is now BES 6001 Certified

Kloeckner Metals UK are pleased to announce that our Leeds, Westok, London and Dudley sites have obtained BES 6001 certification for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products. This new certification will help Kloeckner ensure and demonstrate that all our products have been made using materials that have been responsibly sourced and in a sustainable manner.

Developed by BRE (Building Research Establishment) the Environmental & Sustainability standard specifies requirements for organisational management, supply chain management and management of sustainability issues in order to allow organisations to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of responsible sourcing in relation to the provision of a specific product.

The new BES 6001 certificate adds the sustainability advantage to Kloeckner customers as it helps to contribute to their own sustainability efforts. Furthermore, clients and stakeholders can now be confident of the ethical and responsible approach by Kloeckner Metals UK in its sourcing and operations.

Kevin Maddison Kloeckner Metals UK Group Quality Manager: “We are incredibly proud of this new certification as it reflects Kloeckner’s ongoing  commitment to improving its environmental and social impact. The new BES 6001 standard gives our customers further assurance that materials are of high-quality and sourced responsibly from ethical suppliers

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