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Registrations Open NOW – Earthing Conference UK 2020 – Birmingham

Posted on 10 February 2020

Registrations Open NOW – Earthing Conference UK 2020 – Birmingham

Introduction to Earthing

The aim of this Earthing Conference UK is to demystify the subject of earthing and present the subject in a clear, straightforward manner.

Earthing as a subject has been under-represented over the years and this event will attempt to remedy the gaps in technical knowledge and improve practices in the industry.

The UK & Europe need a unified practical approach to earthing which can be commonly understood and widely applied.

Few topics generate as much controversy and debate as that of earthing and the associated topics of bonding, grounding, surge protection, shielding, earth and lightning protection of electrical and electronic systems. Poor earthing practices can be the cause of continual and intermittent difficult-to-diagnose problems in a facility.

This conference will explore these issues from a fresh yet practical perspective to help delegates reduce expensive downtime in their plant and/or equipment by identifying the correct application of these principles.

– For more details download the event brochure HERE or register online HERE.


What You Will Gain From Attending?

  • Learn how optimal electrical earthing design can improve production and reduce costs
  • Gain practical advice on earthing system measurement
  • Discuss compliance to standards with experienced electrical engineers
  • Discuss safe and effective lightning protection earthing
  • Understand how to design earthing systems for challenging conditions
  • Discuss the pitfalls of inappropriate earthing and the hazards caused
  • Learn best practice when it comes to split factors in earthing design
  • Hear relevant local case studies from the UK electrical industry
  • Network with specialists in the field and your peers
  • No sales pitches – non commercial presentations

Who Should Attend?

  • Electrical engineers and technicians
  • Substation, generation and transmission engineers
  • Maintenance engineers and asset managers
  • Engineering managers and electrical consultants
  • Plant, project and design engineers
  • Engineering and safety managers
  • Lightning protection professionals
  • Renewable energy specialists
  • Government safety regulators/inspectors
  • Network, protection and distribution engineers and technicians
  • Maintenance specialists
  • And all other electrical engineering professionals who have an interest in earthing

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