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Building loyalty and trust in the top drive service loop market

Posted on 26 February 2020

Building loyalty and trust in the top drive service loop market

Cable Solutions Worldwide has had a positive start to the month with a string of loop orders from new and existing clients around the world. We have been rewarded with several orders from repeat clients, a key indicator that our business strategy is both comprehensive and efficient. In general, companies can receive repeat business based on a few basic factors, however, we would like to think that our loyalty, trust and level of customer support are some of the key indicators in our success. Unlike many companies, Cable Solutions don’t compete on price alone; being competitively priced is important and standard protocol, but only part of a much bigger picture. Relationship loyalty and trust is not just given away either; it must be earned by both parties, and only then can we both enjoy a true alignment of consumer confidence, trust and stability.

Colin Fraser - Managing Director, commented - “Repeat business in OEM and custom-built top drive service loops is very encouraging. Our comprehensive business strategy and approach to business relationships truly make a difference, and we work round the clock to maintain our client’s trust and loyalty. We have sustained this through the quality of our products, our service and our customer care, it’s our team effort that makes the difference.”

Cable Solutions works seamlessly as a team to deliver top drive service loop orders within the required time envelope and within budget, and we’re delighted to be picking up new and repeat business across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Repeat business in February from an overseas client for TDX1000 power loops illustrates our commitment to our business strategy, taking repeat business for this new client into double figures.

Additionally, this month an existing North-Sea based client has placed an order for a full set of power, control and hydraulic service loops for a DDM500 top drive. The scope of work included a detailed redesign of the service loops to accommodate changes made to the top drive.

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager, commented - “Our expertise in loop design and technical support was valuable to the client, the redesign and manufacture was a success, and the order was delivered on time and within budget.”