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Allerton Steel Terrace raker-beam

Posted on 28 February 2020

Allerton Steel Terrace raker-beam

This photo shows the almost complete terrace raker-beam fabrication for a new development to an existing sports stadium. This 12m long beam with a plate girder carcass weighs a total of 10.5te.

It was manufactured from three sub-assemblies and then brought together into the complete beam. Each sub-assembly was built with the use of our EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) System from our Leica Total Stations. Having accurately measured the as-built survey of these individual sub-assemblies they were then brought together into the final assembly using our "Best Fit" software to ensure the complete assembly is within tolerance across all potential permutations of the fit.

The steel grade is BS EN 10025 S355 J2, with basically all welds being full penetration butt welds, Production Control & NDT to BS EN 1090 Execution Class III standards.

The photo below shows the post-fab machining of the rear node sub-assembly for a future terrace raker-beam fabrication. This machining removes all weld distortion accumulated due to the full penetration welding during fabrication.

The node is both machined and drilled on this machine to achieve a bearing fit. Our CNC Anayak Milling machine has a working envelope of 5.3m x 2m x 1.2m and is programmed directly out of the Tekla 3D model.