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AJT – Butterfly Valve Actuators

Posted on 21 February 2020

AJT – Butterfly Valve Actuators

“AJT were contracted to carry out the complete engineering design to install two Rotork actuators on  two 6ft diameter Butterfly Valves. These Butterfly Valves are used as the main point of isolation for the power station. These Butterfly valves were manually operated and to open both would take a considerable amount of time. Over the years these valves became harder to operate by hand and therefore a solution was required to restore an efficient point of isolation.

CadHerent carried out a full laser survey onsite to model both valves. This allowed a design to be produced on how to support the new Rotork IQ35 actuators with the amount of torque they would need to operate. The Rotork actuators were supplied by Rotork and installed onsite by AJT. New shafts were made up and machined in-house to suit the existing valve and the new Rotork drive nut. Upon commissioning, each valve now opens in 1 minute and 35 seconds to the customers satisfaction.”