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Texo- Managing Director Summary - Chris Smith

Posted on 02 December 2020

Texo- Managing Director Summary - Chris Smith

You’ll be aware that there have been some changes at TEXO since I joined last December. Between my joining and the lockdown in March, I started a reorganisation that was designed to make TEXO more operationally efficient and build on the expertise in the business so that we could survive in the short term and find new opportunities for growth in the months and years to come.

This has resulted in a refreshing of our services, so that they are both focused on target markets and able to cross-collaborate to allow us to take on larger, multi-disciplinary projects. The new services are:

Engineering & Fabrication – we have amalgamated these two divisions because their project work so often overlaps. This service is an established and accredited brownfield EPC contractor offering design, engineering, project management and consultancy alongside comprehensive construction expertise. The fabrication service is based at the Ports of Dundee and Blyth, where it works with customers in the energy, oil and gas, renewables and decommissioning sectors.

Workspace Solutions – previously known as Accommodation, this service works with both land-based and offshore projects. Our expertise is in the design, build and upgrading of workspaces – often modular in nature – including complete fit-out to detailed specification. The service also covers commercial and private property fit outs and building support services.

Asset Integrity – the new name for Integrity+, this service covers all asset inspection, coatings and repairs for a wide range of customers. The Asset Integrity team uses the latest in technology and innovation to reduce the time spent in hazardous environments, and to ensure a faster and more cost-effective service.

Land & Aerial Surveys – known as TEXO DSI, this service has an enviable reputation across a number of key sectors for its ability to undertake surveys in challenging environments. Focused on a combination of unmanned vehicle surveys and the latest in survey techniques, the team consistently reduces survey time and cost, as well as removing the need for traditional manned surveys in difficult areas. As the only operator in the UK to hold enhanced CAA permissions, the team can fly above, beyond and closer than any other operator within the UK.


Port Services – this is a brand new TEXO service offering both deep water and land facilities at the Port of Blyth, however we intend to replicate this model across all ports. Working primarily for the offshore oil and gas industries, but also moving into growing markets including renewables, the team offers a multi-disciplinary service for mobilisation and decommissioning. The Port Services facility has been designed on lean 5S principles and methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency is brought into any project and operational requirements.

Recruitment – based in Aberdeen, our recruitment business focuses on  the areas where we have a particular expertise and an outstanding network: renewable energy, construction and infrastructure, offshore oil and gas, welding and fabrication and residential building. Focused on a transparent and supportive relationship with clients and candidates, the team’s role is to match skills, qualifications and experience with clients’ needs to fill positions with the best candidates.

To reflect the changes within TEXO and refreshing of our services, we will be launching our new website and corporate video on 1st December. The video really showcases what a dynamic business TEXO is, along with the new case studies featured on the website that highlight the innovative projects that we are proud to be a part of. 

Investing in our people

My business focus has always been on working with the best people. I’m delighted to say that TEXO has some of the best people in the business on board – both as permanent employees and on the contract side. I absolutely believe that you build a business by investing in the people, and that’s what we’ve been doing at TEXO this year. You don’t build a business – you build people, and people build the business.

Despite the obvious Covid obstacles in our path, we have used this year to consolidate our business. We have defined our services and ensured that we can work across the board to offer our customers the very best in design, survey, engineering, fabrication and asset management services. This has resulted in some fantastic new projects and a real desire from our staff to pull together to build a business everyone can be proud of.

TEXOTalk and our TEXO Team Player of the Month award are just two of the ways we are promoting better communications, improved transparency and a commitment to supporting and recognising our most important asset – the people who work here.

To consolidate our approach to always being the best we can be, we have introduced a dedicated People Strategy. This has been developed to support our values, which you can see below. The Strategy makes a clear statement about how we value and treat our people, and the culture we want to develop to enable everyone to achieve. It aims to ensure that TEXO is a preferred employer that provides development and reward for its people. 

Our core values

■  PROFESSIONAL – We do the job and do it well

■  PRINCIPLED – We say what we do and do what we say

■  COLLABORATIVE – There is no hierarchy here, just one team

■  CAREFUL – The safety of our people and protection of the environment is paramount

■  CREDIBLE – Our reputation is everything

Part of this commitment to recruiting and retaining the best people is our renewed focus on training, mentoring and development. The points below set out the ways we will ensure that we become an employer of choice, and that we create a culture where we can promote from within, retaining expertise and skills so that we can always offer the best solutions to our customers, whichever service they are using.

■  Attract and retain the best people by providing support, development, career prospects and reward.

■  Recruit people using fair and professional selection methods, whilst recognising individuality.

■  Spend time to induct and offer career support from day one.

■  Develop personal and professional skills and knowledge throughout their careers. 

■  Recognise achievements and provide structured career paths.

■  Reward people fairly but in line with market value, within transparent and appropriate remuneration frameworks; remaining competitive.

■  Create a supportive culture which is positive and fair; opportunities to be open to all and where Managers are empowered to lead. 

■  Provide an environment where health and wellbeing are actively promoted.

We also pay attention to the wellbeing of our people. As an employer that works on a shift basis and also often needs to send staff members overseas or offshore, we have a responsibility to support our employees in every way. This includes maintaining a focus on general health and wellbeing: something that can be critically important for people working in dangerous environments. We have implemented wellbeing good practices that encourage people to check in with how they are feeling and to raise any concerns they have as soon as possible.


Exploring new opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of my work is seeing where there are new opportunities for the business, and doing so with the confidence that we have the people, facilities and procedures in place that allow us to bid for contracts in new markets.

For TEXO, this means both new sectors and new geographies, and I believe that the opportunities for the business are exceptional. These include potential new projects in renewable energy, construction, environment, oil & gas, nuclear & MOD, utilities and modular retail and entertainment, aswell as expanding our engineering, fabrication, survey and design services outside the UK.

I hope you agree with me that TEXO is a dynamic, innovative and creative business, where we provide a refreshing experience to our clients, and ensure the best possible solution. We work with the same drive and determination on all our client projects, with their needs, requirements and timelines in mind to make sure we deliver successfully every time.

Together we are one.”

TEXO website: http://www.texo.co.uk/