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Elisian COVID Rapid test tracking

Posted on 09 December 2020

Elisian COVID Rapid test tracking

In supporting the ever changing environment in which we all work, the COVID pandemic has allowed Elisian to bring the product experience that is in use in the public sector across local government, NHS, Police and non-profit to the energy sector in supporting the rapid testing and tracking of crew who are heading offshore. 

Working with one of the north sea majors, Elisian has deployed a rapid test tracker allowing for the scheduling of flights to multiple assets along with capturing the test results for the variety of testing that is undertaken before departure.  Each crew member is uniquely identifiable in the system using personal information as well as a vantage number (used for offshore travel) and a history is built up over time allowing enabling both case and logistics management.

The system has proved invaluable to all parties involved and will likely be deployed further afield and evolve over the coming years with the direct benefits being

  • For the medical company performing the tests, the solution has enabled them to streamline a process between the reception who are booking in the person to be tested and the nurses who are performing and recording the test results
  • For the logistics teams who are responsible for organising and booking flights who can see passenger history and are able to off-load passengers as needed
  • For the operator who have clear visibility of the flights and passenger status which drives both management performance indicators and cost centre allocations

Moving beyond 2020, the solution is expected to remain in place for several years to come with a view to potentially expanding the solution further to capture other medical information such as vaccinations, boosters as well as testing for a variety of other ailments including flu.

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