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Durham Heat Hub Webinar, 17th December, 10-12 via Zoom

Posted on 02 December 2020

Durham Heat Hub Webinar, 17th December, 10-12 via Zoom

In conjunction with the EPSRC network for Decarbonising Heating and Cooling, Durham Heat Hub is delighted to present this seminar looking at the challenges, technologies and opportunities for storing and utilising heat .


Tackling emissions from heating is vital. At 37%, heating accounts for the largest proportion of UK greenhouse gas emissions. About 90% of UK homes use gas boilers, which for a long time have been accepted as a comparatively efficient and convenient heating source. However, with this week's announcement that gas boilers will be banned within 3 years, the need to find alternative sources of heating and cooling has become an imperative. Our seminar will explore the various options for capturing and storing heat in a future where energy sources will be far more intermittent and our supply pipelines far more flexible.


Our presenters will explore the efficient use and provision of thermal energy in terms of time, temperature, power or site across the vectors of air, earth, chemicals and water. With representatives from industry and academia, this seminar provides an excellent opportunity to hear the latest technologies and ask the experts their vision of the future.

Speakers include:

Dr Huashan Bao and Dr Zhiwei Ma, Durham Energy Institute

Lukas Bergmann, Sunamp

Dr Stephen Thomas, OGI

Dr Charlotte Adams, Coal Authority

Nicky Cowan, Star Renewable Energy


Please join us via Zoom to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of clean heat storage.


Registration for this event is FREE, but essential : Durham Heat Hub - Heat Storage Tickets, Thu 17 Dec 2020 at 10:00 | Eventbrite