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Rebrand of Servelec Controls to Innovation Transforming Industry (ITI)

Posted on 11 August 2020

Rebrand of Servelec Controls to Innovation Transforming Industry (ITI)

Rebrand of Servelec Controls to Innovation Transforming Industry (ITI), puts it in a prime position to help deliver a green, clean and digital future for industry’s largest owner operators.

Servelec Controls has previously operated under various ownership and brands. The transition to ITI will provide the company the opportunity to fully align previous acquisitions, focus on its core strengths and identify areas of investment and growth under a common purpose and strategy.

As one of the UK’s largest fully independent systems integrators, the company, with strategic locations across the UK, has been supporting critical national infrastructure for almost 50 years. ITI will continue to deliver transformation through innovation, enhancing the future of industry through digital intelligence and industrial automation, increasing safety and security. Providing robust hardware, smart software, and innovative solutions that are mission-critical and of national importance. 

ITI benefits from a skilled and highly accredited workforce, with decades of experience in delivering major projects. They are specialists in the energy and infrastructure sectors and are trusted by industry’s largest companies to keep their operations safe, secure, and fit for the future. 

ITI builds on experience, trust, and invention. It plans to expand its service offering by providing further control and automation safety solutions but also by enhancing its digital operations by productising a number of software applications they have developed and implemented over the years. Andrew Mills, CEO of ITI, said: “The business has successfully evolved over time, but this rebrand has given us the opportunity to focus on a new purpose which will include expansion of our offering and targeted growth including acquisitions.  

“We’re still going to leverage our safety and control heritage and enhance our 24-hour support function, but we will also build and develop our digital operations as that’s definitely the direction industry is going. Major players are gearing up to be greener and are more digitally reliant and we’re ready to hit the ground running and help our customers transform.”

It’s clear from Government and the National Infrastructure Construction Procurement Pipeline that a lot of the upcoming plans for industry will focus on safety, security and being socially and environmentally friendly. The pipeline sets out procurements with an estimated contract value of up to £37 billion, and of that, around a quarter covers the space in which ITI currently operates. The organisation has significant insight into industry, already supporting the successful work of the energy sector’s most transformative companies, including BP, Centrica, Drax, EDF Energy, National Grid, Sellafield Ltd and SSE plc, which puts it in a prime position to deliver exactly what industry needs.

For more information on ITI, the services they offer or how they can help you, visit www.itigroup.co.uk