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DeepStream Technologies joins the NOF network of business development experts for the energy sector.

Posted on 05 August 2020

DeepStream Technologies joins the NOF network of business development experts for the energy sector.


  • DeepStream Technologies (DeepStream) is the fastest and most user friendly procurement platform ever made.
  • Based on the latest agile technology their cloud-based technology enables a user-friendly, transparent and auditable alternative to opaque email-driven processes used in industrial corporates with high tender based engagement with suppliers.
  • NOF is a not for profit organisation helping to make valuable connections between businesses in the global energy sector.

You know what they say - your network is your net worth. According to a study published in the Industry Innovation Journal, (Volume 19, Issue 3) it is found that the innovation performance of firms is significantly related to network capital investment in dynamically configured inter-organizational knowledge alliances. Investing in a network facilitates global resource sharing and redistribution and also creates new opportunities for the economic development of enterprises.

“I believe your social capital, or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio.” - Porter Gale, Author and Former Marketing VP at Virgin America.

To leverage the power of strong network capital, DeepStream has joined the NOF network of business development experts in the energy sector. Through NOF, DeepStream will be availing the core services of business development, industry introductions and events. NOF will work on behalf of their members and their network of partners to put DeepStream in touch with the most innovative supply chain businesses in the UK.

Paul Livingstone, Head of Business Development at NOF, commented:

“We are thrilled to welcome DeepStream as our new member into the NOF network. DeepStream provides an innovative and intuitive digital solution for tendering needs and we will proactively support their mission of digitising the supply chain process. We are looking forward to working with DeepStream to support their business development activity and raise their profile within the NOF network and wider energy supply chain.”

Jack Macfarlane, DeepStream Technologies Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“Here at DeepStream, we place a huge emphasis on developing ‘relationships’ rather than just ‘customers’. Even with our product, we follow a blank canvas approach for our users to define requests rather than being defined themselves. Hence, being a member of a network that helps us create newer and more meaningful relationships in the energy space seemed like a no-brainer. We are looking forward to partner with the best route to business in the energy sector.”

For further enquiries please contact Philip Madero Hammarskiöld at DeepStream Technologies (philip@deepstreamtech.com) or Paul Livingstone at NOF (PLivingstone@nof.co.uk).