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66kV Cable Jointer Training – A Question Of Competency Not Familiarisation

Posted on 26 August 2020

66kV Cable Jointer Training – A Question Of Competency Not Familiarisation

The wait is over.

A responsible Cable Jointer Training Centre professionally committed to safeguarding the industry standards of their trade while providing client recognised and accepted certification. Protecting the present while nurturing the future generation of Jointers.

Helping our Cable Jointers climb the voltage ladder from 11kV to 33kV and 33kV to 66kV.

Carefully pre-qualifying prospective trainees to vet for existing levels of skill and experience – passionately preserving the integrity of the Craft against the spate of underskilled labour flooding the jobs market, undermining day rates and undervaluing standards.

A Jointer Training Centre competent in itself to issue Competency Certification to course attendees. Not Familiarisation. Competency. There is a world of difference.

I can “familiarise” myself with aeroplanes and even book a flight simulator experience but that does not provide me with “competence” to pilot an Airbus A380. Flippant? Not really.

The virtual is not reality nor does 4 days in a Training Centre classroom environment equip jointers with the required expertise to work bent-double, in a muddy hole, in the rain wrestling with 11kV cables.

Electricity is dangerous, it kills – failure to understand the complexities of jointing medium and high voltage cables endangers life. Likewise, working and jointing on live low voltage mains cables requires effective cable jointer training courses to support industry health and safety.

Interested? You Bet! OK, what next?

Read on to discover more about the soon to open new Nexans Training Centre.



Nexans Training Centre will be fully equipped to provide practical and theoretical training for Cable Jointers on all aspects of Medium Voltage Cable Accessories. Jointer training courses can be individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client. Nexans are intently focussed on the criticality of jointers understanding and perfecting preparation of MV-HV cable using appropriate cable jointing tools.

The newly located and upgraded Jointer Training Centre will be fully operational in October and Nexans new certification will form part of a fully signed Competency Card which consists of a 3 part certified documentation and ID card.

Training can cover Nexans Joints & Terminations using heat shrink, cold shrink, slip-on and Euromold Connectors.

Offshore Wind Cable Terminations


Ambitious and forward-thinking 33kV Jointers are already searching for opportunities to add 66kV Jointing Competency to their skill-set and CV’s.

Cable jointers employed to joint and terminate 66kV cables on offshore substation platforms must demonstrate Competency.

High quality training is key to achieving sufficient skillmanship when working on high voltage cable systems and can unlock career progression opportunities.

Back in 2013, The Carbon Trust, as part of its Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) launched a competition to fast track the development of new 66kV cables to be used in the offshore wind and renewable industry.

Moving on up from 33kV to 66kV necessitates retraining and Competency Certification for Cable Jointers working on the the termination and jointing of 66kV cables.

OWA developers including DONG Energy, E.ON, Mainstream Renewable Power, RWE Innogy, ScottishPower Renewables, SSE Renewables and Vattenfall representing 77% (36GW) of the UK’s licenced capacity.


See how we can help…

Moving from 33kV to 66kV arrays and subsea cables presents a number of benefits, including the ability to connect more turbines per string and the possibility to design inter-array networks in ring layouts rather than in radial strings, thus increasing reliability.

OWA managed a number of studies investigating these potential benefits, which eventually led to the launch of the 66kV cable qualification competition.

Fast forward to 2016 and Nexans have supplied inter-array and export cables for the world’s first 66kV offshore wind farm.

Clearly, 66kV is the future for renewables.

66kV Windfarm Cables

Nexans 66kV inter-array high voltage cable systems provide the subsea connection between the offshore turbines and the onshore grid for the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Wind Farm Project. With offshore wind turbines growing in size, the new 66kV Nexans cables and cable connectors are improving the lifecycle cost-efficiency compared to 33kV systems.


Cable Jointers Tools

Some recommendations for 66kV Jointers Tools

Register Your Interest Today

Confirmed demand for course attendance is exceptional – should you be a Competent 33kV Cable Jointer interested in pre-booking or registering “early-bird” interest for the next course please email your expression of interest today. Course dates, content and costs are to be finalised in coming months.

Successful completion of the 3 Day Jointer Training Course will equip attendees with the required Competency certification to work offshore in the wind energy sector.

Course Details & Our Requirements 

The course duration is 3 days at Nexans Jointer Training Centre, Castleford UK – all attendees must provide their own Jointers Tools and be skilled at 33kV cable preparation. Jointers will be expected to undertake the preparation and stripping of the 66kV cable prior to installation of the cable joint and separable connector – this Course does not certify on the basis of cable preparation. Once cable joint and connector have been installed the test piece of 66kV cable will be subjected to energisation in the test laboratory and AC withstand an Partial Discharge test. This will determine PASS or FAIL.

Typically, the training course aim is to achieve 66kV Competency for the Cable Jointer currently experienced in terminating and testing 33kV cables to Interface C switchgear bushings and installing Slip-On type termination to the MV transformer end on onshore or offshore projects.

Two Times More Power. Jointers! Empower your CV and skill-set by grasping the 66kV Jointer Training opportunity. Jointers must currently be 33kV Competent and experienced to be ready to undertake the step-up to 66kV from 33kV.

Chris Dodds – Sales & Marketing Manager with Thorne & Derrick International

SEND YOUR DETAILS TO cdodds@thorneandderrick.co.uk


Further reading: Thorne & Derrick Distribution Agreement & Contract With Nexans 

66kV Terminations

Member of NOF Energy – The Offshore Wind Energy Network


T&D are Specialist Distributors to the UK and international Offshore Wind industry to provide safe and reliable LV HV Electrical Cable & Power Distribution Systems  – we are highly customer responsive and absolutely committed to providing a world-class service.

We provide expert technical support and supply from a multi-million pound stock holding:

Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors Earthing & Lightning Protection
Cable Accessories, Lugs & Glands Circuit Protection & Fuses
Cable Cleats & Clamps Electrical Safety Equipment
Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment Arc Flash Clothing & Protection
Cable Duct Seals & Transit Systems Surge Arresters & Bushings


We have an International Distribution Agreement with Nexans Power Accessories UK to supply their Heat Shrink and Cold Applied ranges of 11kV/33kV/66kV joints and terminations and Euromold brand of separable connectors.

Since 1985, we have established an international reputation based on Service, Integrity and Trust – contact us.

Nexans Euromold

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