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WardHadaway launch COVID-19 hub

Posted on 03 April 2020

WardHadaway launch COVID-19 hub

The new Ward Hadaway COVID-19 hub is a website that tries to answer the questions that we are hearing most frequently in connection with business and coronavirus pandemic. The aim – to produce something easy to navigate, easy to understand and really relevant.

The hub has taken just a week to design, build, test and populate with some really excellent content. It's by no means the finished article but it is a very adaptable tool and will change by the day – we can add and remove content as frequently as we like, and that content can be in pretty much any form that we choose. We really hope to be able to develop something that is relatively unique and really useful for clients and contacts.

The feedback so far has been really positive….and we have even been trending on LinkedIn under #legaladvice!

Visit: https://www.wardhadaway.com/covid-19/