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Thorne & Derrick Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Dynaco Doors

Posted on 30 April 2020

Thorne & Derrick Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Dynaco Doors

Pictured Left to Right: Yves Degroote (Development Manager ATEX – Dynaco), Christian Webster-Reed (Sales Engineer – T&D), Terry McDonald (Business Development Manager – T&D), Morgan Gent (Sales Engineer – T&D) and Frank Matthys (Sales Director – Dynaco)

World’s First Fully Certified ATEX Doors 

Thorne & Derrick International, the Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, today announce the signing of a Commercial Distribution Agreementwith UK exclusivity for the Dynaco range of ATEX Doors suitable for hazardous areas.

Dynaco high speed roll-up doors provide significant energy efficiency and site safety improvements in the explosive atmosphere industries – this includes factories and logistics in the oil/gas, pharmaceutical, distillery, process and petrochemical sectors.

Save Energy

Reduced heat loss as a result of installing high speed doors can provide a ROI within 2 years.

Thorne & Derrick can provide energy saving calculations at point of enquiry.

💡 We can calculate your temperature losses and confirm the expected energy savings by installing high speed doors. Should you be interested to receive a FREE ROI REPORT to assess the energy efficiency impact Dynaco doors could have on your facility contact us.

The reduced heat loss also means fewer heaters or lower KW rated electric heaters in new builds. This reduces capital costs and reduces operating costs.

The Thorne & Derrick Sales Team have undergone extensive commercial and technical training at the Dynaco Academy in Belgium to support clients requirements.

“Thorne & Derrick International provide excellent coverage with the technical expertise to successfully spearhead our drive into the UK market – they are highly respected with blue-chip clients in our key sectors and we look forward to supporting them with the introduction of our ATEX certified doors to their customers,” comments Yves Degroote.

Thorne & Derrick were first introduced to Dynaco during 2018 Hazardex Exhibition and were impressed with the product.

Terry McDonald stated “The Dynaco high speed ATEX door is an innovative product which serves a niche application. Whilst there are many companies who specialise in high speed doors, none have any experience working in explosive atmospheres and such companies are unfamiliar with the strict regulations. The Dynaco ethos for safety, innovation and quality is perfectly aligned to T&Ds own strategy and I believe we can highlight a major safety issue to anyone already using such doors in an explosive atmosphere. Further, we can help end users become compliant by supplying a 3rd party certified product. For any clients wishing to install ATEX high speed doors, they can be safe in the knowledge that they will be using the safest door currently available on the market.”

Benefits of Dynaco Doors

Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Locations & Workspaces

  • Save Energy – reduced heat losses to buildings achived by superior sealing against air escape, draughts, humidity and loss of heat
  • Fastest Door Cycle– Dynaco high speed doors limit heat loss and energy costs. 80% of energy losses are due to open time of the door
  • Accident Forgiving & Self Reinserting – reduce costly repairs, avoid downtime interruptions due to blocked doors + damage to vehicles
  • Reliability– few moving parts, reduced maintenance, lower operating costs and long service lifetime. >1million cycles = market leader
  • Ultra Safe – the only 3rd party ATEX certified high speed flexible door available –  soft bottom with edge detection reduces accidents
  • Explosion Proof & Non-Sparking high strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel door structure + anti-static synthetic parts
  • Wind Load Resistancestable and secure up to wind load class 5, according to European standards EN12424
  • Plant & Personnel Safety – flexible door curtain with no rigid elements improves Health & Safety with reduced site injuries + damages


Dynaco are part of the Entrematic Group who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of entrance automation equipment.

Dynaco specialise in high performing industrial flexible doors. Since 1987, from their manufacturing facility in Belgium, Dynaco have supplied over 170,000 doors worldwide.

Their reputation for innovation, quality and reliability is second to none and today they produce over 15,000 doors per year.

As part of their drive for innovation, Dynaco have developed the worlds first ATEX certified high speed door. Like many other door manufacturers, Dynaco were asked for an ATEX solution for use in explosive atmospheres. Unlike their competitors who were happy to supply their normal door with an ATEX motor, Dynaco were not. They rightly decided this was non-compliant with ATEX regulations and a huge safety issue for end users.

Dynaco have developed a door which utilises an ATEX motor and electrical components.

The ATEX doors are also made from non-sparking materials and anti-static PVC.

They did not stop there.

The Dynaco door is product certified by a 3rd party notified body. Each and every door is inspected prior to it leaving the factory.

If you require a door for explosive atmospheres, there is not a safer high speed door available.

Dynaco was founded by Benoit Coenraets, the inventor of the flexible roll-up door. In 2015 Dynaco launched their S-5 Atex Door.

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