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Servelec Controls’ - Technology advances critical infrastructure project in time of crisis

Posted on 06 April 2020

Servelec Controls’  - Technology advances critical infrastructure project in time of crisis

Servelec Controls’ versatile project team has used technology to overcome the challenges of social distancing and travel restrictions during the COVID-19 outbreak and complete a major project milestone. The innovative systems integrator has been able to adapt its processes at this challenging time to use video conferencing to take a major critical infrastructure project one step closer to completion.

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which ordinarily brings client and supplier project teams together in one place to rigorously examine a system before it is shipped to site, has in this instance been completed using video conference equipment and a virtual meeting environment, which has enabled the client to witness and sign off the tests remotely.

This successful milestone is testament to the adaptability of the highly qualified engineers involved, who continue to work hard, and work safely, to keep critical national infrastructure operational even in the face of this global pandemic. The engineers at Servelec Controls’ extensive manufacturing facility have been strictly adhering to social distancing and hygiene recommendations whilst confronting the challenge of this new way of working. 

Servelec Controls’ Engineering Manager Barry Shelton said: “This unprecedented situation has meant that we’ve had to adapt the way we work, literally overnight. Our clients rely upon our services to continue as they’re under additional pressure to maintain reliable gas and electrical supply at this difficult time and to ensure the continued operation of their assets in the future. We have remained operational during this taxing time in order to support them 24/7 and are working hard to ensure provisions, including all spares, are available as normal. I’m proud of our team and the way they’ve successfully made use of technology, working with the client to ensure this project is executed safely and continues during this pandemic whilst meeting the stringent requirements of the industry.”

Often it is necessity that forces the greatest change. By proving that this can be done, it is likely to drive a significant shift in the way we all work, not just now but longer term.  Andrew Mills, Managing Director of Servelec Controls postured: “This significant disruption could accelerate the energy transition, as the enforced changes to the way we work across various industries could become more permanent. Technology has the power to change the world as we know it. Whilst this pandemic will undoubtedly be remembered for disruption and the tragic loss of life, it will likely also be the catalyst for a more innovative and environmentally sustainable way of working: the reduction in unnecessary travel is already reducing pollution around the world and I sincerely hope that continues.”

Andrew added: “I’m pleased to have reached this important milestone on this project, especially in these circumstances. Well done to everyone involved, it’s been a truly collaborative effort.  …Stay safe everyone.”