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Collaboration through CNNS pool for Peterson

Posted on 02 September 2019

Collaboration through CNNS pool for Peterson

Collaboration within the offshore energy industry has never been more important and mutually beneficial. Vessel sharing in the North Sea and beyond ensures efficiencies for companies that cannot be achieved when operating in isolation. One example of an initiative that highlights the value in sharing resources is the CNNS Pool, developed by energy logistics provider Peterson.

Over the last two years, Peterson has delivered proven and significant operational and financial efficiency gains to three oil and gas operators in the North Sea through the CNNS Pool.

Additionally, Peterson has successfully managed vessel sharing in the Southern North Sea for more than two decades. Under the pool’s collaborative approach, Peterson acts both as an independent facilitator and a vessel charterer.

Technological expertise and a resource-sharing culture place Peterson in the ideal position to facilitate collaboration between companies. A suite of tools and advanced algorithms developed by Peterson ensure efficient voyage planning and an accurate and transparent allocation of costs to each company, with all the voyage costs apportioned correctly and fairly.

With Northern North Sea cargo runs averaging 20 hours and Central North Sea runs averaging 12 hours, Peterson is able to drive the passage time down by up to 50% which can equate to saving over £1m per vessel per year.

The CNNS pool members are already experiencing the benefits of Peterson's system, including maximising efficiency through combining volumes, distance and capacity; increased flexibility in schedules; minimising exposure to the environment by dramatically reducing sailing distances and vessels, all while delivering costs savings and maximised safety.

The CNNS Pool is a prime example of collaborative sharing in the offshore industry. This principle can be extended to warehousing, personnel sharing, inventory and many other sectors. The CNNS Pool steering group represents a platform where the member companies interact with each other on a monthly basis. This operating system truly epitomises the partnership approach and seeks ways to share best practices with other members of the North Sea supply chain.

As the CNNS Pool approaches its third anniversary and continues to grow, Peterson want to continue to educate their customers on the benefits of vessel sharing along with their other services. Visit Peterson at Offshore Europe stand, 3H31, where you can find out more about the help Peterson can provide you in the energy logistics market.