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Kloeckner Introduces NobelClad’s Bi-metallic Plates

Posted on 12 November 2019

Kloeckner Introduces NobelClad’s Bi-metallic Plates

Kloeckner Metals UK have recently formed an exciting new partnership with NobelClad, the world leader in dissimilar metal bonding. It’s through these kinds of partnerships that Kloeckner has become one of the largest independent distributors of steel and metal products in the world.

Bi-Metallic Plates

Composed of two dissimilar metals, bi-metallic plates are bonded by explosion welding, a cold precision explosion that retains the best properties of both metals. NobelClad has pioneered the use of explosion welding in dissimilar metal bonding. This innovative technique enables bonding in milliseconds, reducing the amount of heat required and therefore preventing any damage that can occur to the metals during the cladding process.

NobelClad bi-metallic plates are renowned for the reliability and strength and are available in over 260 metal combinations.

Using NobelClad’s expertise, Kloeckner can advise the best welding solution and the combination of metals. This will ensure high mechanical strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, metallurgical bond, prevention of galvanic corrosion and reduces the weight of the product.

Bi-metallic plates are used in a wide range of industries as they maintain their mechanical properties regardless of the structure and geometry. Some typical applications include ship building components, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, crystallisers and autoclaves.

Barrie Salter, Business Development Director at Kloeckner Metals UK: “At Kloeckner we are continuously on a look out for unique products and services that would benefit our customers. The ability to source unique, hybrid materials that meet extraordinary demands further supports our vision of establishing Kloeckner as a supply chain partner for industries such as oil and gas, power generation, transportation, marine and defence.

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