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First GWO Blade Repair delegates celebrate success with AIS Training

Posted on 13 November 2019

First GWO Blade Repair delegates celebrate success with AIS Training

The first delegates on AIS Training’s GWO Blade Repair course are celebrating after passing the course with flying colours.

Karl Andrews, Sasha Vosloo, Marcio Celen and Modris Strautmanis now hold the highly-prized GWO Blade Repair certificate.

The demand for blade repair training has grown rapidly in line with the rising deployment of wind turbines globally and there are currently around 4,500 technicians in the field employed by the top 30 global companies. Blade inspection and repair is an important activity for the wind sector as it maximises energy production, reduces replacement costs and extends the life-span of wind turbine blades and other components.

The 10-day GWO Blade Repair course is the latest addition to AIS Training’s extensive wind training portfolio, which is the largest of any UK training provider. As well as its Renewable Energy Training Centre of Excellence, AIS Training has created a dedicated, purpose-built space for teaching blade repair to the highest GWO standards.

AIS Training is uniquely placed for its ability to package blade repair with other crucial maintenance skills such as painter blaster for wind turbine towers, rope access and the full suite of GWO courses. All of these courses are available in just one location helping delegates save time and avoid scheduling issues.

Pete Snowden, AIS Training instructor said: “We are delighted to now be able to offer the GWO Blade Repair standard at AIS Training. As the wind industry grows and matures, the need for qualified and highly skilled blade technicians is increasing so this is a desirable addition to the CV of anyone who wants to work in the sector. Gaining approval from the GWO for this course means we can now offer the full suite of wind training from our 20-acre training village in Newcastle. From sea survival to working at height, enhanced first aid and blade repair, we have all the training needed for a career in wind. We find this helps delegates immensely as they are not having to arrange courses in different locations at different times. Our training packages schedule all the courses for you and include all the mandatory certificates you need for your wind career.”

To find out more about the wide range of wind industry courses offered by AIS Training please visit training.aisgroup.co.uk or call 0844 800 1810.