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Dron & Dickson - Our highly experienced, CompEx trained team of Project Managers & Technicians provide a complete turnkey solution.

Posted on 22 November 2019

Dron & Dickson - Our highly experienced, CompEx trained team of   Project Managers & Technicians provide a complete  turnkey solution.

The Background
The Helideck Certification Agency issued guidance in April 2013 highlighting changes to the regulation on CAP 437 regarding helideck related lighting in particular the new
requirements for illuminating the Touchdown/Position Marking (aiming circle) and ‘H’ marking on helidecks. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has informed UK Helicopter Operators that the new lighting standards should be implemented on offshore helidecks on the UKCS by 31st March 2018 after which date helidecks not fitted with the new lights will be considered unsuitable for night operations (or darkness in winter).

In response to this, UK offshore operators have been looking to invest in a high-quality illumination system so their helidecks will be compliant with the new regulations, whilst wishing to avoid delays during the installation process.

The Project
Dron & Dickson project managed the selected lighting manufacturer, aviation consultancy and utilised our highly trained offshore technicians to execute the project. After carrying out an extensive survey, work commenced on detailed engineering and manufacturing of the system. Full work pack delivery was provided, with method statements for installation, produced in line with the operators documentation requirements.

Installation of the system took place in April 2017 on a live helideck, meaning that whilst the installation was executed, the deck remained operational. Our aviation consultancy ensured the helicopter operators were made aware of the installation during the process. Use of a specialist air-ridged temporary habitat meant the deck could be cleared and ready for landings within a 20 minute time scale.

Post installation, a complete handover was made to the platform operator, and ongoing maintenance requirements were fully explained and documented.


• Report on conditions surveyed and offering installation options
• Drawings/Workpacks
• Engineering of system
• Manufacture of system
• Full Documentation
• Optional Commissioning
• Logistics arrangement of personnel movement
• Packing & containerisation of equipment
• Delivery to shipping point
• Provision of competent personnel, including CompEx, IRATA & HIAC skills
• Installation and testing of the installed system
• Post install support/after sales customer service

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