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Servelec Controls’ Focus on Safety Secures Perenco’s North Sea Assets

Posted on 20 May 2019

Servelec Controls’ Focus on Safety Secures Perenco’s North Sea Assets

Continuous high standards and a focus on safety has led Perenco to extend and expand their support contract with Servelec Controls, ensuring that the oil and gas operator’s UK east coast assets continue to operate safely, efficiently and productively.

Servelec Controls has provided service, support and maintenance to a proportion of Perenco’s control and safety systems for more than a decade. This track-record has cemented the client-supplier relationship as well as given Servelec Controls’ expert support team an even deeper understanding of the clients’ assets, systems and needs. Ultimately, this then leads to an even higher quality of service.

Perenco and Servelec Controls have now extended their agreement for a further two years, covering three onshore sites: Dimlington Onshore Terminal in Humberside, Bacton Onshore Terminal in Norfolk and the Remote Group Control Room (RGCR) at Bacton; plus 11 associated offshore assets in the North Sea, including both manned and unmanned gas platforms.

Servelec Controls provides Perenco with second-line hardware and software maintenance services. Perenco’s own maintenance engineers have immediate responsibility for the systems, with Servelec Controls’ Service Hub available at the end of the telephone 24/7/365 to assist whenever expert consultation is required. This is backed up by call-out support should issues need to be escalated to a site visit.

Perenco’s Controls Team Leader, Oliver Tibbenham was confident that they had made the right choice to extend the agreement: “Servelec Controls has consistently provided a reliable service, their engineers are highly knowledgeable and they’ve gone above and beyond when we’ve needed them to. They have not only kept our operations safe and productive, but suggested improvements when implementing modifications. We therefore want to keep them on board and have even extended the scope of their remit”.

The renewal also now includes a managed spares option which means Servelec Controls holds a supply of critical spare parts specifically for Perenco at its Sheffield site, which is ideally located midway between the client’s sites. This equipment can be tested prior to shipment.  This helps to ensure minimised downtime and therefore improved productivity and safety because parts are readily available.

Tim MacLaren, Service Delivery Manager at Servelec Controls added: “The service delivered by Servelec Controls is underpinned by an enduring focus on safety, enabled by the use of improved technology, reporting and analysis. Our Service Desk, Service Delivery Management and Service Management software enable the efficient capture, management, resolution, reporting and analysis of issues, with a specific focus on safety-related system functionality and improvements.”

In addition to the 10 year relationship with Perenco, Servelec Controls also has historical knowledge of the sites having worked on them under their previous ownership and therefore has a unique understanding of the various legacy systems in place. The supported systems at the Bacton Main Control Room include the Process Control System, plus smaller, legacy systems from various manufacturers of which Servelec Controls has extensive experience. Obsolescence management of these systems is carefully balanced by cost-benefit analyses against upgrades in order to deliver the most advantageous solution for the client.

Servelec Controls also looks after the Automation and SCADA Systems for the Remote Control Room at Bacton, the Dimlington site and the offshore platforms; the Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) and Fire & Gas (F&G) Systems at both Dimlington and on the offshore platforms; the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) at Dimlington; various legacy PLCs at both Dimlington and on the offshore platforms; plus the network communications interlinking the various systems. The contract also includes for service provision to a number of future systems at Dimlington, which reflects Servelec Controls’ forward-looking approach.

Tim continued: “Continual service improvements are a huge part of how we operate. We hold regular reviews with our clients to discuss progress and plan for any changing operational needs. We also look to identify potential improvements, both in terms of our service and their systems, in order to best support the client and continue to ensure asset safety and optimised production.”

For more information on how Servelec Controls can ensure the continued operation and improved efficiencies of your assets through a managed support contract and all the benefits that brings, contact us today.