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Allerton Steel completes Battersea Power Station fabrications

Posted on 27 March 2019

Allerton Steel completes Battersea Power Station fabrications

Allerton Steel has recently completed a number of fabrications for the Iconic project at Battersea Power station.

Roof Support beam - Measuring 27 metres and weighing in over 62 tonnes, this fabricated plate girder beam was built in the factory at Northallerton and shipped to site using heavy road transport.

Sets of Tree Columns - Similar to a tree the main vertical column is the heaviest section that then branches out via Y columns and 4 way nodes to lighter sections to support the roof. An Architectural finish was required on the complete assembly as most of the structure will be on display from the large central extibition hall when the building is complete.

Scenic Lift Shafts - 2 lift shafts consisting of 5 sections totalling 100 tonnes. Architectural finish required as the lift shafts will be visible to anyone riding the lifts.

Comb Caps - These fabrications are designed to transfer the load from the existing structure on to new piles. In excess of 20 tonnes each the comb caps were fitted with shear studs at the factory ready for installation on site.

Internal Bridge Structure - Restraint beams. Architectural finish, beams required machining along the complete length.

Operating from modern workshops and office facilities on two sites, with over 6,950 sq m (75,000 sq ft) capacity. The workshops offer a lift capacity up to 60 tonnes and are equipped with modern plant and machinery including semi-automatic welding, CNC operated profile, saw, drilling and milling machines. Additionally, we have a 3D modelling and surveying system to assist with complex fabrications and inspection.

CE Marked to Class 4 BS EN 1090, for highways bridges we are NHSS Sector 20 and RQSC qualified, for Network Rail-bridges we are RISQS qualified. We hold BS EN 9001:2015 and BS EN 18001:2007 and hold the BCSA Sustainability Award - Silver Standard and Construction Line - Gold Standard.

Allerton Steel is experienced in fabricating a wide range of road, rail, foot and bridleway bridges. In addition, we can offer installation services if required across the UK.

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