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Port of Tyne continues to strive for excellence in its drive towards better health at work

Posted on 05 June 2019

Port of Tyne continues to strive for excellence in its drive towards better health at work

Launched in 2014 the Port of Tyne’s ‘Help Yourself to Health’ campaigns continue to raise awareness and support employees in improving their health and wellbeing.

The Port has tackled issues as far ranging as first aid hints and tips, fitness and exercise, dental care, men’s health and women’s health and financial wellbeing.

Having successfully progressed from the Bronze standard, Silver and Gold, the Port of Tyne is delighted to have achieved the Better Health at Work Continuing Excellence Standard.

During the last 12 months, a significant number of employees from across the business have taken part in sessions focusing on healthy eating, mental health awareness, financial wellbeing, cold and flu prevention, and alcohol awareness.

Feedback from employees on the wellbeing initiatives they would like the Port of Tyne to provide has been received through our Health Advocates, Employee Forum and Trade Union representatives.

Louise Tinkler, Port of Tyne Director of Human Resources and Communications, said: “The wellbeing programme at the Port of Tyne is making a positive impact in improving employee health. In particular, the commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by our Health Advocates to improving the wellbeing of all employees has been instrumental in taking the workplace health agenda forward.”

Looking ahead to 2019, the Port of Tyne has already started to deliver a series of exciting wellbeing initiatives focusing on areas such as the importance of staying hydrated and encouraging employees to undertake a regular health check.

Employees across the business have been empowered to take part in the ‘Help Yourself to Heath’ campaigns – with managers promoting the benefits and sessions being arranged to maximise participation. For employees unable to attend a session – many of the initiatives provided employees with an information pack to take home including signposting them to the appropriate support services.

In 2019, the impact of the Port’s continued commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of employees has seen a reduction in its level of sickness absence. The campaigns have also being beneficial in prompting employees to seek further medical advice to treat underling health conditions that might not have come to light without the intervention of the Port’s wellbeing programme.