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Introducing the Worlds Fastest 3 Tonne Air Hoist

Posted on 27 June 2019

Introducing the Worlds Fastest 3 Tonne Air Hoist

Red Rooster are pleased to introduce their all new 3 Tonne TMH-3000 Air Hoist. Not only is the TMH-3000 the fastest hoist in the world for it’s class, it also offers the most compact closed headroom of just 537mm. The TMH-3000 model supersedes the TCR-3000 model with a lifting speed of 5.4 m/min, compared to the TCR’s speed of 2.8 m/min, giving the operator a huge increase in productivity. The hoist has a full load capacity at 4 to 6.3 bar and is highly durable with a M4 rating.

With safety being our number one focus, the TMH-3000 comes standard with a mechanical upper and lower limit switch as a positive shut-off, where some hoists rely on less reliable means of limit switch. An overload limiter is built into all Red Rooster Hoists as standard. A safety fixing point has been introduced to the body of the TMH-3000 for assisting installation which is designed to accept a shackle, sling or wire rope. This can also be used as a secondary support for the hoist and is rated to the SWL of the Hoist,

Offering precise variable speed, the TMH-3000 hoist lets the operator have greater control when lifting and lowering the load, with a noise level of only 80dBA. A main air shut off valve is incorporated into the hoist, so you can be assured that when the emergency stop button is pressed the air supply is also cut off from entering the hoist.

The TMH-3000 can also be modified to a 2-Fall TMH-6000, 6 Tonne Air Hoist and made to suit ATEX Zones 1 or 2 upon request. As with all Red Rooster Air Hoists, they can be supplied as Hook Suspension, or as a Hoist & Trolley.