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Offshore Marine People & Academy - Offshore Client Representative Course

Posted on 22 July 2019

Offshore Marine People & Academy - Offshore Client Representative Course

This 3 day training course is for anyone who wishes to understand the role and operate effectively as a client representative.

The training is relevant to:

  • Those with significant operational experience who want to move into a client representative role
  • Those who have less experience but are aiming to fill the client representative role at a later date
  • Experienced offshore personnel seeking certification for their knowledge

Course Content:

Our comprehensive programme looks at the role of the client representative during the entire project lifecycle dealing with both contractual and operational requirements. We provide all comprehensive knowledge and fundamental tools needed to perform the role.

Areas covered throughout the 3 days include:

Health and Safety

  • Safe working practices
  • Risk assessment and reporting
  • Vessel inspections
  • Offshore hazards
  • Concept of ALARP
  • Incident reporting / Accident investigation


  • Formal and informal methods of communication
  • Written, verbal & video communication

Project Phases (role of the client representative)

  • Mobilisation
  • Offshore
  • Project Close out

Personal Requirements

  • Assertiveness vs. aggression
  • Building relationships
  • Projecting the correct image

Contract Law

  • Contractual implications and responsibilities
  • Results from actions
  • Archaeological & War Graves implications (New Content)
  • Contractual relationships

Project Documentation

  • Company Procedures– Onshore and Offshore
  • Safety documentation
  • Event Logs

Offshore Operations  - Oil and Gas (New Content)

  • Working in a 500m zone
  • Working in an anchor pattern
  • Helicopter Operations

Practical Marine Operations

  • Close proximity to structures
  • Practical risk assessment
  • Environmental considerations
  • Risk assessment and reporting
  • Incident reporting

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