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Excelpoint is supporting businesses worldwide to embrace digitisation and transition into the fourth industrial revolution

Posted on 16 July 2019

Excelpoint is supporting businesses worldwide to embrace digitisation and transition into the fourth industrial revolution

Aycliffe Business Park software specialist Excelpoint operates within the “fourth industrial revolution” - Industry 4.0.  It is the current trend of process automation and information exchange in businesses, making it possible to gather and analyse data, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient business processes.  It is estimated that Industry 4.0 is making production processes overall up to 30% faster and 25% more efficient.

The economy is still in the early stages of adopting Industry 4.0, and it is estimated that only 30% of businesses are actively embracing it. The concept was first mentioned back in 2011 at the Hannover Messe Fair and initially encompassed the inclusion of greater flexibility within manufacturing processes.

One of the greatest challenges in implementing Industry 4.0 is the development of software and analysis systems.  Excelpoint has met this challenge head-on, developing a software platform which supports its customers to streamline and automate their business processes, helping them to realise process efficiencies and significant cost-savings.

Excelpoint’s Managing Director Ian Brown explains: “We help our customers to innovate via digitisation, supporting them to create a computerised business where all processes are interconnected.  In turn, this helps businesses to realise improvements in products and services, sales and customer relationships, internal processes, operational efficiencies, employee relations, and visibility for senior management and stakeholders.

Our software is currently utilised across numerous sectors including oil and gas, energy, engineering, manufacturing, the NHS, local and central government, construction, utilities, nuclear, mining and the service sector, and is used by organisations of all sizes from SME’s to global business brands recognised worldwide.”

In recent months, Excelpoint has won a number of high-profile customers, and it recently announced it had achieved a 100% increase in sales during the last financial year.

Examples of some of its globally recognised customers include Cyclife (EDF Energy), Mitie, Minova Global, Wood Group, Anglian Water, NHS Trusts, HMRC, Durham County Council, and Taylor Hobson while SME businesses range from Aura, Ebac, Xcel Centre, CI Biomass, Chameleon, and charities include Supportive, Veterans at Ease, If U Care Share, and Nacro.

As an award-winning software supplier, Excelpoint understands every business works differently. Its professional business consultants work in partnership with customers to gain an insight into their business and get to understand their objectives, enabling them to deliver and implement a cost-effective automated system within a short timescale.

It's system building software platform creates customer-specific automated business systems that operate in any browser, on any device and can output stand-alone mobile applications for all major mobile operating systems and devices, without writing a single line of code, increasing productivity and saving customers valuable time, money and resources.

Ian explains: “What makes us stand out is that we offer a system that can manage all business processes which include CRM and sales management, inventory control, manufacturing process, risk management, planning and resourcing, distribution and customer service, amongst others. Our software can be configured to meet the needs of any business model.  Businesses no longer need to work with multiple software suppliers, purchasing multiple licences and integrating different systems. They can now resolve all their software requirements with one easy to use software system.”

The Excelpoint technology is also very strong at protecting investment in existing systems enabling integrated business processes that will embrace current information repositories and negate or minimise retraining needs.  As a business, Excelpoint is committed to making its software work for its customers; it does not expect customers to change the way they do business to match the software. 

The software is also an easy to use platform which will assist organisations to enforce compliance with best practice and approved processes regardless of location, and will transform the way information is collated, integrated, used and reported. It enables users to access the system from any device enabling field-based users to comply with processes and allows access to information otherwise locked up in back office systems.

Ian continues: “People play an important role in the implementation of Industry 4.0.  To introduce digitisation across all areas of a business requires the support of people within the organisation. A structured approach to change is essential to guarantee digital innovation is implemented effectively.  All impacts of change must be identified and addressed, particularly on people and teams.  It is essential to ensure efficient processes, information, software and people are working together. Our technological approach allows user engagement to drive process change and this real-time involvement results in greater end-user buy-in.”

For more information about Excelpoint, please visit www.excelpoint.co.uk, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, telephone 01325 328839 or email sales@excelpoint.co.uk.