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Maersk Training Backs New GWO Training Centre in Taiwan (ROC)

Posted on 22 February 2019

Maersk Training, an industry leader in developing competences and increasing skills has entered into a cooperation to establish a specialist programme in Taiwan within the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre.  The new centre, which will come online in July 2020, will train technicians for the country’s new and expanding wind turbine industry. 

Taiwan has some of the best weather conditions to harvest energy from wind and plans to increase its currently low output by a factor of nearly 500 times. This will take production up to 3.8 in the first phase and then 5.5GW by 2025, which is around 12% of the expected consumption. Taiwan today is relying on coal, gas and nuclear to generate its power and it has the world’s largest coal fired power station. 

The collaboration with Maersk Training started immediately after the contract was signed with a dedicated team overseeing the establishment of the centre, its equipping, manning and course scheduling. The Danish-based company has a global footprint and ensuring that the MIRDC set-up attains the relevant GWO accreditations is a vital part of the project.  

MIRDC as the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre has a long history and a very broad profile, but is new to training technicians for the wind industry.

The collaboration signing took place, fittingly, in a restored windmill in Svendborg, Denmark, with the President of MIRDC, Chiu-Feng Lin and the CEO of Maersk Training,  Johan Uggla, putting pen to paper. On behalf of the Bureau of Energy, who are funding the venture, the signing was witnessed by its General Director, Dr Lin Chuan-Nen. 

Johan Uggla, CEO at Maersk Training, added: “This is a very exciting development for our business. Taiwan is one of the largest emerging offshore wind markets and we are pleased that MIRDC has chosen Maersk Training to help them deliver GWO Training into the region.”  For any questions related please do not hesitate to contact Maersk Training Global Sales Manager Alex Obell Nielsen at +45 93 60 73 00 or aon018@maersktraining.com