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EIP successfully completes pre-trial tests for innovative subsea lifter

Posted on 22 February 2019

Ecosse IP (EIP) Ltd, an Aberdeenshire based company which provides end-to-end solutions for the subsea energy sector, is pleased to announce that its newest product, the Ambient Lifter (AL10T) has successfully completed pre-trial tests in Buckie Harbour during the week of the 28th January 2019.  These tests form part of the development of EIP’s new range of subsea lifting products.

The recent tests follow on from trials completed in September 2018 in which the Ambient Lifter successfully lifted 5Te from the sea bed.  Building on the results of last year’s harbour trials, the engineering team at EIP have scaled up the Ambient Lifter, increasing the lifting capacity from 5Te to 10Te and adding an ROV garage and docking interface to form an integral element of the subsea solution provided by EIP’s Ambient Lifter product range.

The recent tests are a pre-cursor to full harbour trials scheduled for March 2019, which are being supported by the OGTC, to demonstrate the full Ambient Lifter capabilities to potential customers and other interested parties.

Dorothy Burke, EIP Managing Director, said after the pre-trial tests: “We are delighted with the way in which the Ambient Lifter performed during these tests: the scaled-up model AL10T performed well, successfully demonstrating it can be manoeuvred with the integrated ROV and can lift a 10Te weight. A full harbour trial is scheduled for March with clients and trade organisations planned to attend.  We are delighted The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) is supporting our next trials and also look forward to working with Oceaneering and Aleron on the next phases through to commercialisation”

Mike Wilson, EIP Chairman and Chief Technology Officer is presenting at Subsea Expo 2019 at AECC, showcasing how the innovative technology used in the design of Ambient Lifter will help to revolutionise the subsea lifting market.

The company has a range of patented products, including Ambient Lifter, that provides operators with an end-to-end solution for the subsea, oil and gas, decommissioning, offshore wind and renewable energy sectors.