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Osbit seeks to drive offshore industry progress with knowledge sharing offering

Posted on 05 December 2019

Osbit seeks to drive offshore industry progress with knowledge  sharing offering

Northumberland-based offshore engineering firm, Osbit, is sharing its specialist technical knowledge with clients and partners to improve the effectiveness of offshore operations in the global energy industry.

‘Osbit Insight’ is the offshore equipment supplier’s bespoke technical knowledge sharing and learning offering, designed to spread specialist knowledge through the global offshore energy supply chain. Leading global energy companies including Swedish-based Vattenfall, Scottish Power and Danish power company Ørsted, are among those who have participated in the skills-sharing initiative so far.

Osbit’s Managing Director Brendon Hayward said: “At its heart, Osbit is a training organisation. We’re passionate about education and have trained hundreds of people to be brilliant engineers and offshore energy professionals. This doesn’t stop at our front door.

“Our customers operate in unpredictable environments, in industries with lots of risk, challenges and fast-paced change. This is particularly true in offshore wind where factors like increasing turbine sizes and seabed conditions mean that technology needs to adapt rapidly. There are also many oil & gas-focused companies diversifying into offshore wind and other means of energy provision, which requires a shift in approach.

“For these companies, time is money. Osbit Insight is an opportunity for us to use our skills to enhance industry understanding as to what can be achieved when you combine the huge operational expertise of energy operators, with our collaborative and informed design process.

“This greater understanding is what enables vessel owners and energy companies to make more agile, high quality, lower-risk decisions, and also increases project success by facilitating the development of technology to deliver more safe and efficient operations.”

Among delegates attending the first of two Osbit Insight sessions delivered in the past month were a group of engineers and programme managers from globally-leading renewable energy company Ørsted. The group took part in a learning exchange on subsea trenching, specifically relating to cable and foundation installation for offshore wind farms.

Lazaros Theodoridis, Package Manager at Vattenfall for cable installation on Kriegers Flak, said: “We were impressed by the enthusiasm of Osbit as well as their deep knowledge of the subject. The sessions are highly recommended to both subsea cable specialists or offshore wind professionals looking to develop an understanding in the art of trenching cables.”

Brendon Hayward added: “We believe in collaborating to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders. We have huge belief and confidence in the North East offshore supply chain and the globally leading capabilities within our region. By sharing technical insights across the industry everyone grows and develops, which will enable an exciting future in offshore energy delivery.”

To find out more about Osbit, please visit www.osbit.com, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.