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Tranemo - ARC PPE catalogue

Posted on 01 August 2019

Tranemo - ARC PPE catalogue

Our Flame Retardant & Electric Arc workwear ranges are made using only Inherent FR and antistatic fabrics.

In addition, our range of windproof, waterproof and breathable FR/Antistatic rainwear ensures the very best protection against the elements and offer some of the most innovative solutions available today for the Renewable, Offshore, Utility, Utility contracting, Data Centres and Infrastructure sectors.

Protection against Electric Arc is our forte – our lightweight Tera Tx Inherent Non Metal workwear garments and Cantex range offer unrivalled performance in the workplace and are ideal in warmer environments (such as data centre locations) whilst helping to protect against the risks of Electric Arc.

Our new 2019 Stretch FR range features some of the most comfortable FR/ARC  garments available today - maximum mobility and performance.

Tranemo also offer a full comprehensive range of Arc Flash PPE, - Helmets, Arc Flash Hoods , Arc Flash Balaclava’s, Arc Protection Switching Kits  and FR  /Arc protective gloves.

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