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Glacier launches the production index

Posted on 15 August 2019

Glacier launches the production index

The Glacier Production Index is the culmination of an intensive period of research and investigation into the state of the North Sea Oil and Gas industry.

Increasing uptime and minimising downtime is crucial to a thriving North Sea and to sustain operations for the next 50 years of operations, it is imperative that we look at creating viable business opportunities to deliver maximum output against a backdrop of ageing assets, a growing need for innovation and investment and a continuing skills gap.

Our detailed analysis into the last 10 years of production uses data taken from several credible sources, including the Oil and Gas Authority’s open data portal has built up a valuable picture of the industry and the impact of downtime.

By sharing this information and working collaboratively with clients and help to take North Sea production levels back to 2008. This journey will fall in line with Vision 2035, a programme of change which has the potential to generate an additional £290 billion of revenue through domestic production, between now and 2035