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Volunteers Take Part in Road Traffic Accident Training

Posted on 16 April 2019

Volunteers Take Part in Road Traffic Accident Training

During our recent Road Traffic Accident Training we recently gave volunteers a unique opportunity to be involved in firefighter training.

We currently provide training to over 40 of the UK’s fire and rescue services, the training includes breathing apparatus, road and heavy road traffic accident instructor training.

Volunteers recently got the opportunity to take part in the training as a road traffic accident casualty. The course is designed to provide the firefighters with real life scenarios and give them the opportunity to develop both practical and theoretical skills in road traffic instructor training. Clare Talbot-Jones, Paul Stafford and Jordanna Bailes took part as mock casualties, after being given instructions as to what injuries they had incurred in the mock collision including head knocks and broken bones, they were then cut free from the vehicles. After the training, Clare, Director of insurance company Talbot-Jones Insurance, was so pleased she had been involved, “It was an absolute pleasure to take part, it was an eye-opening privilege and hugely impressive to witness the firefighters skill and teamwork, I have even more respect and gratitude for the emergency services following this insight.”

Mick Cowans, Business Development Manager at Impeller commented, “Having ‘live’ casualties take part in the training gives the firefighters an enhanced and realistic learning experience, as Clare commented, it also gives us an opportunity to show members of the public the extent of the training that firefighters take part in.”