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Training is an art, not just an education

Posted on 26 April 2019

Training is an art, not just an education

The investment in training, through both provision and participation, is the responsibility of all in the PPE chain, from the manufacturer, through distribution to the wearer.

At Centurion, we believe that microlearning will really gain momentum in 2019. This non-traditional form of education allows employees to participate in training sessions that last less than sixty minutes, from a device of their choice. It offers many benefits, including making content more digestible, relevant and accessible. People are more likely to benefit from training when it’s not too long and intimidating.

We are starting to see enhanced levels of innovation in head protection – new materials, more demanding standards (like EN 12492, EN 14052), an increased number of patented features and accessories. This will not alone eliminate the risks and accidents if people do not get enhanced levels of training to understand the issues and the importance of life-saving protection and why exceeding the standards can save further lives. As experts in above-the-neck safety, we believe in making safe, safer through both education and product design.

  • What are chinstraps there for and why, given their advantages, are they not far more prevalent?
  • Should the helmet be vented or unvented?
  • What can I do in certain weather environments to make sure the head protection still functions?
  • What is the Kitemark?
  • What are helmets made of and are all materials as strong?
  • How do liners improve impact protection and why does that matter?
  • How do I check that the helmet is still fit for purpose?
  • What should people consider the compatibility of above-the-neck protection?
  • What is available for high heat environments?
  • How do I care for my safety helmet?

A key challenge for manufacturers is to provide the correct levels of training and education to support the varying applications, standards and product ranges. Training needs to increase in scale and depth across our industry.  What a better place to focus on than head protection – a core symbol of PPE and the ultimate lifesaving equipment?  Sub-standard or ill-specified products in this area will result in the most serious injury or even death.  We need to do our part to increase the level of understanding for both company safety officers and wearers alike, to drive the correct use of compatible products, through a better understanding of the “what” is available and the “why” it is suitable.

We are proud to be a pioneering PPE manufacturer who offer bespoke training aimed at educating the market and not just trying to sell a product. Our training modules deliver a clear understanding of protection in relation to risk utilising over 100 years of expertise in above-the-neck protection.

If you are interested in receiving relevant, bespoke microlearning training on any of the highlighted topics, please contact: chris.tidy@centurionsafety.co.uk