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Proserv Controls

Proserv Controls talks about the evolving energy sector and the role NOF plays in driving progress

“Contacts, connections – these are the lifeblood for any business. Even for a firm with an established global footprint and presence like Proserv, you can always discover new clients, new ideas and future collaborators or partners. NOF has helped to drive such engagements in the energy industry for many years and continues to fulfil a vital role as the sector sits on the brink of radical change.

But when I first got to know George Rafferty and Joanne Leng, the first offshore windfarm in the UK had only recently come on stream and what we understand today by the term “energy transition” was still years down the road. The landscape was very different then yet those inherent, fundamental criteria of bringing firms together, giving smaller players suggested pathways forward and companies of all sizes that chance to connect, and potentially innovate, have always lain at the heart of what NOF offers its members.

Innovation in what is now such a fast-moving segment is key to future success. At Proserv, we have recently announced exciting alliances with experts in their fields, harnessing the power of digital technology, to drive ahead with new disruptive solutions around condition monitoring right across the industry, including in the offshore wind space. We are known for our controls technology capabilities in oil and gas, both subsea and topside, but we understand, as the sources of future power generation continue to gravitate towards renewables, we must be part of that new chapter.

NOF has been in the vanguard of encouraging businesses across the UK to make their own transition into offshore wind and harness a long history and legacy in heavy industry, and subsea oil and gas, to diversify and find new opportunities. The work NOF does to actively promote its members, not to mention its involvement with major projects such as Dogger Bank Wind Farm, is recognised across the energy industry.

The momentum behind renewables only accelerates, but for oil and gas, recent years have been difficult, due to unstable price levels and global industrial stagnation. Yet this is an industry that still has an important role to play for years to come but sentiment is fragile, and margins are still thin.

The strategy for service providers like us, and specifically for my measurement and metering team, is to help operators maintain availability, reliability and operational excellence around their fiscal metering equipment, making sure their flow measurement systems are up-to-date and potential obsolescence is managed. Profitability does not come from inaccurate and poorly maintained systems.

We have faced headwinds for sure over the past year but our ability to support operators with measuring their production and by-products, such as produced water or flare gas, sits within that vital and current need to prioritise meeting strict environmental regulations and considerations.

However, some industry players, big and small, have had a really tough time but as the world hopefully re-emerges fully again, every business can only benefit from the smart, agile support that NOF offers, bringing people together, reigniting those connections and helping to drive dynamism into our supply chain.”