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North East England Offshore Wind Study Tour

International delegation visit to North East England organised by NOF

Between 26-28 June, NOF organised an international delegation visit of nearly 50 government officials, industry leaders and global stakeholders from 21 countries to the North East of England. The visit was organised in partnership with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the World Bank Group, supported by Energi Coast, North East England’s offshore wind cluster to demonstrate the industrial and economic benefits of the North East region’s established offshore wind cluster.

"We had the pleasure of working with NOF to organise a comprehensive study tour about the offshore wind supply chain for delegates from governmental organisations all across the world as part of a project with the World Bank. NOF meticulously arranged every last detail and the study tour was a huge success in piquing the interest of these high potential offshore wind markets as we were able to clearly show them the local economic benefits of the industry because of the excellent example of North East England's booming offshore wind supply chain. We hope that thanks to the learnings experienced on this tour, we will see more and more offshore wind turbines on the horizon globally". Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) 




North East England Offshore Wind Study Tour